Otranto Gateway To The East

Otranto is a succession of cliffs and inlets, a breathtaking view for the visitors, with caves and long, golden stretches of fine sand, lapped by crystal clear waters, so clean that Legambiente rewarded them with 5 sails, the very top.

Otranto is not only sea or beaches. Otranto is the perception of the past, the respect for history, the one that still lives in the walls of the Aragonese castle, that stands – majestic and imposing - in the center of the city. Inside the Cathedral, one of the richest architectural complexes of Apulia, you can admire its mosaic floor, almost one millennium old and unique for its priceless historical and artistic value. Another monument is the ancient Basilica of San Pietro, one of the most significant expression of Byzantine art in Apulia, represented by the oriental frescoes that adorn it.

This (and more) is Otranto, a place where past and present live together.